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Be at Peace with Yourself

There are too many days that I go through where my own mind exhausts me. Our brains are thinking machines, that's what they were made for of course. But what happens when we never stop the thinking? We get tired. It wears us down. Even machines need rests or else they break down. Shouldn't it be the same for our minds?

I heard it explained to me like this once, "Our brain is like a highway with constant ongoing traffic. Thoughts coming and going and coming and going." But see, unless we want to drive ourselves crazy (which is definitely not advised) we have to learn to silence the traffic sometimes. It's not easy at first if you've never really tried but some great practices to help teach yourself to silence your mind are meditation and/or yoga. They are simple exercises you can do to help ease your mind and encourage positivity. Also, diffusing essential oils is a wonderful way to ease your environment and your mind.

Now, I'm sure some of you have heard of these things before and thought "Well, maybe someday I'll try it" or "It probably doesn't really help that much". I've told myself things like that too but now here I am practicing yoga daily and using essential oils everywhere. It's completely up to you whether you try them or not, but things like this have made me personally a much better person and a person I am more proud to be.

Don't forget to give your mind a break. Even if it's as simple as sitting down for five or ten minutes each day and just giving your mind a break and breathing. That's good. Give yourself that time. And don't forget about it. Set alarms, reminders, put in on your calendar. Make it a habit. Maybe ever night, you sit down before you go to bed and take ten really deep breaths. Whatever it is for you, I encourage you to start doing something like the things I've mentioned if you aren't already. Especially if you've been feeling worn out or stressed or overwhelmed. Give your mind a break, be at peace with the chaos of your thoughts. Release thoughts that don't matter or that just don't need to be there. Consider only thinking about what truly matters. Don't let the cars on the highway distract you with their loud noises and pretty colors.

Smile, It will be okay.



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