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Love Is

What is love?  Love is not weak, yet love does not overpower. Love commands, yet it respects. Love is passion, yet it is self-control. Love cannot be defeated. Love is evergy, yet it can be exauasting. Love is what makes the world go round, so to speak. Or in the worlds of Lin-Manuel Miranda "Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love, cannot be killed or swet aside."

Love is a verb. That's what it is. Whatever else you add to it is up to you, but love is an action. And it is a powerful act. Loving someone, a family memeber, your spouse, your neighbor, or a friend, means something. It cannot be brushed aside. Love is love. Love is not halfway or part of the time. Love is always love and always going to be love. It's an infintie loop. We have turned our conception of love into a twisted, half effort, substence that we can't even get a hold on. Yet I'm telling you that love it real. It's not part of some distant utopia. It's now, and …

Fear Is Natural

Fear is a part of life. It's an emotion we all have and that we can't just get rid of. Most people think of fear as a bad thing, and lets face it it's not exactly something we look forward too. But it's also not as bad as you think. Fear is just part of the process of getting out of your comfort zone, which is almost absolutely a good thing. When we are pursuing things we want, like career's and dreams, we experience fear. It's natural. It has to happen because you are trying something new, and you are human. We have developed a mindset that fear is bad and cowardly, and we must hide it or shut it out. But no matter what you think you do to fear it will come back. So, what if we re-thought fear. And rather than letting it control us, which often happens, what if we took control of it and used to help us.
Let me explain myself.
Say you walk into somewhere new and your about to go do something you've never done before. Whatever the thing is you may be doing, …

Blanket Yourself in Love

The last post I did was about being at peace with yourself. Following along with that same theme I want to invite you to this idea of blanketing yourself in love. Self-love and God's great love for you. Take the time today to sit down and think about what this idea looks like of putting on a "blanket of love". If you've been particularly hard on yourself lately or you've felt stressed or just unhappy take a minute right now to think about love, and what love is. Ask yourself what it is you love about yourself. Do you love your hair? Or your eyes? Do you love what are doing in life? Even if you think the answer to these questions is no, I encourage you to say yes anyways. Is there any reason at all you shouldn't love yourself? No, not at all. Right now in this moment. Say yes. Say it outloud. Say I Love Who I am. 

We are all human and we all are unperfect. But the reason we can love ourselves is because God loved us first. We don't need acceptance from any…

Be at Peace with Yourself

There are too many days that I go through where my own mind exhausts me. Our brains are thinking machines, that's what they were made for of course. But what happens when we never stop the thinking? We get tired. It wears us down. Even machines need rests or else they break down. Shouldn't it be the same for our minds?

I heard it explained to me like this once, "Our brain is like a highway with constant ongoing traffic. Thoughts coming and going and coming and going." But see, unless we want to drive ourselves crazy (which is definitely not advised) we have to learn to silence the traffic sometimes. It's not easy at first if you've never really tried but some great practices to help teach yourself to silence your mind are meditation and/or yoga. They are simple exercises you can do to help ease your mind and encourage positivity. Also, diffusing essential oils is a wonderful way to ease your environment and your mind.

Now, I'm sure some of you have heard …