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To me, being thankful isn't just verbal. Posting on social media, telling people, those are nice things but we tend to only do them when the reminder on our calenders comes around again. Thanksgiving. That's today. The end of the year is already so close upon us. Time flies.

When I think of thankfulness I think of living thoughtfully. Not just once a year and not superficially. Thankfulness is about living with harmony among the things around you and living with consciousness of what you have and what you're blessed with. Being at peace with life. Living in the moment. Thankful for every breath you get to take and everything you get to experience. Engaging with life and living with all that you have. Thankfulness to me is taking what life has given you and making the absolute most out of it. Not taking things for granted or letting things slip by you.

So be with wonderful family and friends today, enjoy your guilty delicious eating pleasures, and embrace what your wonderfu…

You Are Who You Are

You are your own person. 

Don't let anyone shame you for how you feel, how you look, what you think, how you are. Everyone is there own person. Some like to be alone, some need constant connection. Don't let people walk over you. You are worth notice. You are worth listening too. Even if you don't believe that inside yourself, you are enough. Your thoughts are worthy, you have ideas. Don't let people shove things down your throat when they don't like your thoughts. You don't need validation from them. You are your own validation. So believe in your thoughts, in your strengths, in your ideas, in yourself. Accept change when it happens, and listen to people who have wisdom to offer because you don't always know everything but you don't have to accept someone's advice just because you listened to it either. You are your own ideas. Be your own thoughts. Be your own snowflake in midst of the flurry, and don't be swept away by anyone else's patter…

Everything You Need To Be Happy Is Inside You

Let's face it, at the end of the day, all you have is yourself. Yes, family is important, relationships are important, but at the end of the day, it's all you baby. Are you going to be happy? Or are you going to let people around you decide that for you? You are the person with the most power in your life. It's your choice to be happy. The things around you, the people around you don't get to decide who you are and what makes you happy or what makes your life good. You decide how you react to your circumstances. It's up to you. Your emotions don't have to be controlled by the things that happen to you. It's only when you react to the circumstances that they have power over your emotions. If you rely on your inner-self to be happy and not your circumstances, they won't have power over you. Stop thinking there's something wrong with you or that you are missing something. There's nothing wrong with you, and you are not missing anything. You already…


When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? Our world and its standards are telling us that what we look like is all that matters. It doesn't matter what your heart is like, or if you're happy, just if you're pretty on the outside. It's crazy how messed up our minds are. We've forgotten that all of this outward beauty that we create will just fade away. Nothing on this earth is going to last forever. Your soul? That will last forever. So why do we let ourselves get consumed by this idea of making ourselves "beautiful"? I truly believe that you don't need to add anything to yourself to make yourself "beautiful" if you have a beautiful heart and mind, then you are truly beautiful. You were created perfectly. There were no mistakes made when God formed you. The little things you don't like about yourself shouldn't try to be "fixed", you don't have to "fix" anything about yourself. Instead fix your e…

Life's too short

In the words of my drivers' training instructor, "Life's too short, you know? Live a little. Life's too short."
And she's right, life is too short.
Don't waste it.
Don't be petty, don't have regrets, be nice to people, do good things, have fun, BE SPONTANEOUS! It's summer now! Live a little! Some of the most enjoyable things I have ever done were completely spontaneous and crazy!

Don't Take Life Too Seriously.

That should be on a t-shirt or a coffee mug or something.
My point is, Live Your Life. I cannot tell you how much it pains me to see people living without a cause, or without adventure, or they are letting go of their potential to be someone wonderful, and do wonderful things. Maybe simply because they were told by someone that "they can't" or "they aren't good enough to". But that's completely not true. YOU HAVE POTENTIAL. YOU ARE WONDERFUL. And you were made by God to do incredible things! You just ha…

In this Moment

Hey you, right now I want you to think about something in your life that makes you happy. It could be anything. A hobby, a job, a food, a person. What is it? Once you know, dwell on it for a second. Now think about the last time you got to do it. Were you happy then?

Life is so short. It goes by quicker than we can imagine. The next time you're doing the thing you thought about, the one that makes you happy, put a smile on your face. Even if you've had the worst week of your life. You're getting to do something that makes you happy. Don't waste this moment. So many people would love to be doing the things you get to do, yet they can't. So even if you have to paste a fake smile on your face, don't forget just how lucky you are to be living the life you are living. To be reading, drawing, dancing, writing, or creating, or singing, or even walking, or breathing. Don't take those things for granted, even though it's so easy too. Things happen, your circumst…

April Challenge!

April! It's here! And it's challenge time!

It's been while since I did once of these, but I'm feeling really inspired to so here you go.

Challenge: "Kindness Month"

Do something kind for someone else you know. Or multiple people. Buy them a coffee, take them out for lunch, get them a present just because, mow their lawn, give them flowers, buy them chocolate. You get the idea. Do something simple and kind and genuine to someone in your life who you normally might not do something like that for. It can't be your mom or your best friend. Someone else. Someone different maybe. Someone new.

Challenge excepted? Good. Now go spread kindness.❤


And the Birds will still Sing

And the birds will still be singing. I think that is a beautiful phrase. Whatever happens, the birds will be singing tomorrow morning. I have a lovely little bird feeder outside my window and every morning I wake to the birds chattering on and on. It gives me hope, to hear the singing. I know that whatever happened the day before, the birds have moved on and so should I.

Life goes on, we all know this. We all know we shouldn't wait around hoping things will get better. We shouldn't live in the regrets and thoughts of the past. Life moves more quickly than we realize, and often more quickly than we would like. So don't get stuck behind it. Chase it. Keep walking forward. Even if you look back once or twice, just keeping going forward. Don't waste a moment. Don't sit in the middle of the road of life and think about all the things you could have done better. There's no use trying to go back now, those moments are over and done. Life keeps moving, and so should yo…

Not Changed, Just Better

This past weekend I was able to attend an amazing convention where I learned so much more about myself. I came back home a better person. I felt recharged and amazing. I called myself "a changed person" but as the words came out of my mouth I realized, I wasn't "a changed person" from this weekend, I was just a better person from this weekend. A better version of me. I was still me, just better. I wasn't "someone new" or "changed" as we sometimes say when something happens to us that causes us to change the ways we think. I was still me. I will always be me. You will always be you. We're just improving, we're learning how to be the best version of ourselves. We're better. And we shouldn't try to be "someone new", "a different person" because, from my experience at least, it doesn't work. We can tell ourselves over and over that we are a "new person", and we can change the way we live but …

Love Is

What is love?  Love is not weak, yet love does not overpower. Love commands, yet it respects. Love is passion, yet it is self-control. Love cannot be defeated. Love is evergy, yet it can be exauasting. Love is what makes the world go round, so to speak. Or in the worlds of Lin-Manuel Miranda "Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love, cannot be killed or swet aside."

Love is a verb. That's what it is. Whatever else you add to it is up to you, but love is an action. And it is a powerful act. Loving someone, a family memeber, your spouse, your neighbor, or a friend, means something. It cannot be brushed aside. Love is love. Love is not halfway or part of the time. Love is always love and always going to be love. It's an infintie loop. We have turned our conception of love into a twisted, half effort, substence that we can't even get a hold on. Yet I'm telling you that love it real. It's not part of some distant utopia. It's now, and …

Fear Is Natural

Fear is a part of life. It's an emotion we all have and that we can't just get rid of. Most people think of fear as a bad thing, and lets face it it's not exactly something we look forward too. But it's also not as bad as you think. Fear is just part of the process of getting out of your comfort zone, which is almost absolutely a good thing. When we are pursuing things we want, like career's and dreams, we experience fear. It's natural. It has to happen because you are trying something new, and you are human. We have developed a mindset that fear is bad and cowardly, and we must hide it or shut it out. But no matter what you think you do to fear it will come back. So, what if we re-thought fear. And rather than letting it control us, which often happens, what if we took control of it and used to help us.
Let me explain myself.
Say you walk into somewhere new and your about to go do something you've never done before. Whatever the thing is you may be doing, …

Blanket Yourself in Love

The last post I did was about being at peace with yourself. Following along with that same theme I want to invite you to this idea of blanketing yourself in love. Self-love and God's great love for you. Take the time today to sit down and think about what this idea looks like of putting on a "blanket of love". If you've been particularly hard on yourself lately or you've felt stressed or just unhappy take a minute right now to think about love, and what love is. Ask yourself what it is you love about yourself. Do you love your hair? Or your eyes? Do you love what are doing in life? Even if you think the answer to these questions is no, I encourage you to say yes anyways. Is there any reason at all you shouldn't love yourself? No, not at all. Right now in this moment. Say yes. Say it outloud. Say I Love Who I am. 

We are all human and we all are unperfect. But the reason we can love ourselves is because God loved us first. We don't need acceptance from any…

Be at Peace with Yourself

There are too many days that I go through where my own mind exhausts me. Our brains are thinking machines, that's what they were made for of course. But what happens when we never stop the thinking? We get tired. It wears us down. Even machines need rests or else they break down. Shouldn't it be the same for our minds?

I heard it explained to me like this once, "Our brain is like a highway with constant ongoing traffic. Thoughts coming and going and coming and going." But see, unless we want to drive ourselves crazy (which is definitely not advised) we have to learn to silence the traffic sometimes. It's not easy at first if you've never really tried but some great practices to help teach yourself to silence your mind are meditation and/or yoga. They are simple exercises you can do to help ease your mind and encourage positivity. Also, diffusing essential oils is a wonderful way to ease your environment and your mind.

Now, I'm sure some of you have heard …