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Motivation vs. Determination

Okay, let's get something straight here. Motivation is useless. Well, maybe not completely useless. But pretty darn unimportant.

Us humans reach and search for that sensation of "motivation" as we call it. The feeling of greatness and ability to do things, feeling productive and accomplished. But that's all it is, a sensation. And it comes and goes. We can't rely on it. And sometimes we search for it and it doesn't come at all. That's where determination comes in.
The difference between Motivation and Determination is: motivation is a feeling, determination is an action.
Determination is basically when we do something whether we want to or not. We do it because we know we need to or we should. Determination is a strength. An inner strength.A willpower. Obligation. Discipline. You have to train yourself to be determined and disciplined. So even when you don't feel motivated to do something you still do it because you are determined. It's all about you training yourself to overcome your feelings and emotions and stop letting your feelings control you. Instead, take control of them and be determined. 

I have been through a recent phase where I have felt like I'm just not good enough, I can't do all this. I was off my game, off the bandwagon, losing self-control, slipping away from the better me I once was. And I can't sit here and tell you that there is a magic cure for this type of feeling, I know we've all been there. But I can tell you this, I'm back now. I'm back on my game. I love myself again. And the only way I got through that time was because I kept being determined, sure I cried and cried over things that I was making a mess of, but I didn't give up. I knew what I wanted and I was determined. Sure I'm still making mistakes, and eating candy when I know I should be losing weight, and sleeping all day when I know I have things to do. But it's okay. The more important thing is that I'm determined to keep improving. I'm forgiving myself and pushing forward. And that's the only way you'll ever get anywhere. Be Determined, and I guarantee that you'll see results.



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