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Simplicity with a Sweater

All of September I've been simply dying to wear my sweaters. And now it's finally cold enough! *Rejoices*   I love the simplicity of this outfit, the simple brown over-sized sweater paired with a patterned scarf, orange nail polish to spice it up (i love my colored nail polishes), dark jeans, (mine even have the perfect dark brown seams on the edges that go oh so well with the sweater) and just some easy, comfy brown boots with fur on the inside. Plus the braided headband (that is not fake, but actually my own hair) makes it look like you actually tried.

Thanks to my lovely mother for taking these photos <3

Boots are Necessary

I can hardly believe October is already upon us! Yay Fall!
My absolute favorite pair of boots right now. They are literally so comfy and sooo cute! Bonus they were actually cheap too! The link to where I got them will be down at the bottom of this post. :)
Plus this brilliant orange tree was just to pretty not to include in this post. I have dance all day today so I'm loading up on caffeine. But I'm super pumped for my upcoming youtube video (if I can ever get my editor to work....) Stay tuned for a post on that. I hope you have a fantastic day, don't forget to do what you love and stay fab. God Bless!

My boots are from: