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You Have Been Given to, so Give

Don't look out just for yourself, but look out for others too. People are people, and they're human too. They work hard too, they need money too, they had a bad day too. We could take more time to love, the fact is we just don't. We are too consumed with our own life we neglect to look around and see all the lives around us that we are impacting. We could all make time to be kinder. We should all make time to be kinder.

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You are given, so give. You have been blessed, so in return be a blessing. Let us take care of each other and together take care of the world.

Choose the opportunity. Opportunity will always find you but it's up to you to choose to use the opportunities in front of you. It's up to you to make the decision. Nothing will happen unless you act. Nothing will be made better if you sit there and do nothing. Make an impact. Be an impactful person. It's up to you what kind of life you live and what kind of footprint you leave. Choose t…
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Know Yourself

You are a smart, important, individual human being with likes and dislikes, traits, habits, hobbies, and preferences. So why don't you get to know yourself?
Knowing ourselves is an important part of making our lives what we want to them to be, which is ultimately happy. If we don't know ourselves we can't fill our time with what we know if going to fulfill us and bring us what we want. We first have to know what it is we want. A successful career? Okay, but what does success mean to you exactly? Etc. 
"What do you want out of life" is a daunting question and one that we can't really know the answer to unless we first know ourselves and what it is we like and dislike. We can't decide "this is what I am going to do for the rest of my life" without knowing whether or not we actually like doing that thing. Take the time to get to know yourself. Know what you like. Know the kinds of people you can tolerate and the kinds of people you cannot. Remember…

There's a Reason for Everything

It's hits me once and awhile, and i cherish these moments, why something happpened to me and what i learned from it. I realizse why i went through something, or why i did something even when i had no idea at the time why i should do that. I love it when my memorises come back to me. Something i haven't thought of since it happened and i didn't even know i had that memory.
 That's how i know everything happens for a reason, and that's how i can believe that. Becuase i know that someday in my future i will realize why today happened. I will discover the reason for today even though i might not see it right now. I will remember the choices i made today and learn from them and learn why i chose them, and ultimately learn more about myself. 
There is a reason for whatever it is that is in your life right now. You might be doing really well and so many things are good and like they're falling into place, or you might feel like everything is falling apart and like lif…